The history of LI IT Information Co., Ltd. is located in the south-central part of Taiwan. The company started from studio to a limited company from 2007. The main responsible person is computer hardware, computer software, network architecture, web design, system. Development, database, with many years of experience, give the best solution for different customer needs, and relatively reduce the cost of unnecessary costs. The current information environment changes rapidly, and we often update our expertise. In order to let our customers get more support and assistance. The following is the history of the person in charge and the company. 1997 Customer Management System 1998 Machine tool account management system project, account book process correction project, machine tool measurement school electronic management system 1999 Assisted in enterprise E-planning, network planning, database design, erection and application of various host platforms 2002 Budget System Project, Briefing System Project 2003 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 2004 E-Commerce Certificate Competence 2005 Advanced PowerBuilder Programming Language Technique 2006 Internet Certificate Competence 2007 Small Business E Integration 2008 Website erection and keyword application 2009 Customized Invoicing System 2010 Design Cloud Beauty Industry Sales and Personnel Bonus System 2011 Yunlin County Government Daozhiwei Website Maintenance 2012 Cloud Manufacturing Industry Sales and Production Process System 2013 Integrating the National System Architecture of the National Business Administration 2014 Design Cloud Edition Community Management System 2015 Android APP IOS APP Design 2016 Textile Industry Equipment Instant Monitoring System 2017 EXCEL VBA Automated Stock Analysis Application & Line notify apply 2018 Google APP with Line notify Application

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